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Originally Posted by BearsBmr View Post
did you note where I said "cleary they are stupid and uneducated like me haha" but yes you are correct and it was very rude, harsh and judge mental... I do appologize for my actions and take full responsabilty... it aint easy being cheesy! it's nice to be taken down a few peg's once and while and I thank you for it ! however when your put in my shoes and I have sold many thing's online and in person I got the sketch vibe and jumped to conclutions quickly...sorry george, striker and the poor fella who had is car stolen ... cheers
It takes a great guy to humble himself, realize his mistakes and apologize, hats off to you Bro, you have my respect.

I have seen people tried, condemned and punished wrongfully Bear, I was just trying to express and ask you to avoid doing that. I have been in business since I was 17 yrs old, now 22 yrs after, I am aware of all the scums who rob and cheat for personal gains. If a guy needs money to feed his kids and he robs me, I would be OK with it, but like you might have seen too, I have seen iron hearted a$$holes who would rob a kid to make himself richer.

I like being kind and respectful to everyone and I don't think anyone is stupid. We all have our issues and a good friend will tell you when you are being a monkey and I hope you guys do the same for me when or if I act up too. No one is perfect but we can be a happy team if we try.

Looking forward seeing you and your car sometime Bud and if you hear of or need anything I can help you with, please feel free to come by.


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