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Originally Posted by BearsBmr View Post
I can't feel sorry for someone selling a full e36 with a Mbumper for $300 ... cleary they are stupid and uneducated like me haha ...when I called him about the car he gave the me the exact address of the car and told me to take it and we could meet up with the money after??? SKETCHY!!! George people do bad shit in ottawa to claim insurance so don't feel sorry for the punk ass idiots
I am not the type who have time to get onto the net to make negative comments or partake in debates, but this clearly warrants one.

You cant feel sorry for the guy selling an e36 with an m bumper yet YOU were ready to purchase the same bumper

Originally Posted by BearsBmr View Post
If someone buys this car I will buy the bumper and intake manifold for $200 if they dont mind holding on to it for a few weeks ... Im broke !! its on 140 hincey st off scott st

Accusing the guy of pulling an insurance job on the car is so judgmental without absolutely no knowledge of what the guys story is all about. FYI I spoke with this guy, went to see the car to purchase the gearbox and drive line, the guy is totally legit. His brother owns the car, is in the US studying now and needed the money. It's $300.00 which seems like petty cash but you should know how much that can mean to a person in need especially since you are saying that you are broke! The car was in very rough shape, lots of things pulled apart, broken, missing etc. All the wiring for all the lights were cut, many, many electrical repairs would have been needed, the car was just good for parts.

To call a guy stupid, a punk ass idiot etc. without knowing him is completely malicious and very gutter minded on your part. Whats so SKETCHY about the guy???? The car is at a garage far from his home, so he cant go with everyone to see the car so sends them there. You like it, meet the guy pay him and he gives you the ownership. SIMPLE but you might have a hard time figuring that out.

How can he pull an insurance job on the car which he CLEARLY advertised for $ 300
????? Man you should be a comedian, you seem to be a natural.

The whole reason you are laughing at the guy and his misfortune is because you could not get the same M bumpers to put on your car.

I am not questioning your intellectual capacity though your clearly indicated it's not within in the higher caliber bracket. Though your comments helps to reinforce it, please, TRY THINKING before making senseless, malicious and judgmental comments about ANYONE. You are playing a dangerous game by publicly accusing someone of being stupid, fraudulent, sketchy without absolutely ANY facts to support your comments. You are allowing your mouth and keyboard to become your worst enemies, slam the brakes on it now!

You hang around some great guys like Jay, Adam, George, Lee, Jess, Dave and Dave's bro Adam, look at how those guys conduct themselves and try following their paths.

You cant feel sorry for the guy, but I am sure this entire board is feeling sorry for you.

Come on man grow up and be a good contributing member to the BMW community and groom yourself as a respectable member in society!!!


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