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Autorama 2009

OK guys and gals, planning an Autorama club to enter our cars:

Place: Cobo Hall
Date: March 6-7

I am looking into getting us in as a team for a discount rate. We can also have a chance for a team trophy.

I’m looking into getting shirts made for the show for about $10 each.

We can buy a pile of carpet for cheap after the North American Auto Show. I will look into this.

I’m checking into if we can split the power among the whole team instead of paying $10000000000 per car for juice.

Cost is $50 to enter your car and $10 to me for shirts

I will need the following if anyone can provide:
Pop up canopy
DJ equipment
Fog machine
If anyone can provide chain posts (like the ones for line ups), I have the chain and I just need 8-12 posts
Lots of booze (for me)

All the information FAQs can be seen here:
Autorama Extreme - America's Greatest Hot Rod Show

Lastly, you can also be updated to our Mercury Cougar friends on Neco

Here's the list so far:

Adriano - Adriano - 1996 BMW 332sc E36
Frank - ??? - 1992 Nissan 300Z
Alain - Windsor318is - 1992 BMW 332sc E30
Melinda - Mels-cat - 1999 Mercury Cougar
Ron - Excelcier - 1999 Mercury Cougar
Please add your names

Please add your names

Agent BMW trailer

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