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Originally Posted by rendered View Post
haha sorry mAn! The old alpine has sentimental value to me!

Did you adjust the time alignment yet on your 9887? Did you buy the extra module?

Nope... Although I think it's a good feature to have (for some people).. Time alignment kinda goes out of whack anyway with all the 'new' noises your car makes while driving. But I'm making good use of the Crossovers and Parametric EQ... They're both very very good imo.

And for me I still like listening to my CD's. The quality is just simply better then listening through an iPod. And it's a noticeable difference.

Also, no I haven't bought the Imprint thing yet.. but I would love to try it out. Most people say it's brilliant. But at over $200, I'm quite happy how I've been able to tune the deck to my ear's for now
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