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Thus far, I can speak well of the work they did -- the car is running beautifully -- but I wasn't totally blown away by how some of the things were handled. I would call them ,and every time I did, something else needed fixing. From the result, this was likely accurate, but it left a weird feeling in my gut, like I was being upsold.

Now, I am impatient in these matters, and I will call a shop to get answers before they call me, so this might have been my own doing, calling them before they have the chance to call me.

Labour was $80/hour, IIRC. They got me right in, which was welcome.

They use Total oil, which I had only heard of a couple of times. Judging by their website, their full synthetics meet LL001 specs at the minimum. Autovation's price is on par with Autobahn in Manotick for oil changes -- about $70, IIRC.

They use Bosch plugs -- I insisted on NGK platinums, so it cost me about $3 more for plugs. They seemed unaware of the issues some have had with the plugs backing out of the heads and electrodes breaking off, but these are not the norm.

But again, I can't argue with the results.
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