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It is odd yes. I suspect that the motor kicks in as soon as you start to put tension on the cable and from then on uses the cable position for its input.

I would imagine that after this system was developed that they realized it would be simpler to just control the throttle though an electronic system.

Just another in a long list of oddball things about BMWs and cars in general.

Glad I could help.

Originally Posted by ZiMMie View Post
Great Read.
In short its controlled by a Mechnical Input. Which makes part mechanical part electric intresting.

What i don't understand why there is ZERO play between the butterfly and the actual cable. which made me doubt u.
what i don't understand is that even thou, the document its saying that its electronic controlled, logically i don't understand how its possible for the butterflies to be controlled by an actual motor (may be the motor only works when there is traction loss)If u've open a fully electric butterfly vs, the one on a m52, you can actually feel the resistence of the motor where by on the m52, there is no resistance which doesn't make me belive what im reading. it logically doesn't make sense.

I will love to see the physical guts of this thing.
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