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Originally Posted by raymond3080 View Post
oh wow...i guess thats how they started out with the electronic throttle control... so its a cable actuating a motor that then precisely controls the throttle body...with out that technical document one would never know...thats why i thought it only did cruise control...thanks for that information! Where do you find such technical documents? I always like to know how everything works fully...
I've been collecting links and such for a long time. All found with some crazy google search terms.

It is missleading to just look at the throttle as the cable does in fact move the butterfly but without the docs you wouldn't know that is just the backup to the motor. The idle is controlled by both the throttle and the ICV unlike on older cars which just rely on the ICV.

Without a motor controlling the throttle there would be no ASC traction control as this is how the ASC/DSC system backs off the throttle.

Glad to help. That's why these forums can actually be informative as long as people keep an open mind (myself included)
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