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Originally Posted by raymond3080 View Post
Now i see why your confused!
All the 330 and 328 and 325s have electronic like whats in this pdf.

Now the 323 (m52tu25) does had a electronic motor on the inverse side(left) vs (right) on other models...but thats for cruise control! if you dont believe me when i search for my vacuum leak ill take some pics of it for ya...or you can come by and rev it from the throttle body your self!

hope that helps any confusion
That's a kind offer.

I will continue this discussion though as I know I'm right, not often but right about this.

Please read pages 51-52 for an explanation of how the MDK works on the m52Tu engine. The throttle cable is in fact a 'backup' to the main throttle motor if the system fails, which is why people are led to believe it actually controls the throttle plate. That's just the failsafe.

I do however have a lot of respect for the work it takes to swap a modern engine.
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