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Now i see why your confused!
All the 330 and 328 and 325s have electronic like whats in this pdf.

Now the 323 (m52tu25) does had a electronic motor on the inverse side(left) vs (right) on other models...but thats for cruise control! if you dont believe me when i search for my vacuum leak ill take some pics of it for ya...or you can come by and rev it from the throttle body your self!

hope that helps any confusion

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This'll be the last I mention this as I don't want to take this thread too far off topic and I have no desire to start an argument with you Zimme as I know that you aren't an idiot.

Read this doc for an overview of the Siemens MS42.0 system used in the e46 M52. It clearly shows that the throttle uses a motor driven throttle with input from the cable.
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