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If i wanted to dick around on that car longer i guess i could have but i just wanted to keep it simple so i could get my car on the road as fast as i could...i did switch the injectors didnt make any difference. as for the intakes they are the same just the MAF is larger and the end of the intake boot i looked at everything beside each other... and as for the brakes i didnt feel like buying pads all that crap lol i wasnt planning on even changing my motor!
thanks though!

Originally Posted by ZiMMie View Post
so u had a full 330i parts car?
u should switched over the pedals + harness and kept the 330i TB.
Most importantly the intake manifold/injectors on the m54 its much much bigger than the one on the m52. the motor will breath much better (more pwr) if it has the m54 manifolds.

Also done forget to switch over those 330 Brakes.

Good Job!
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