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The car is at Autovation, and they got the injectors hooked up correctly. That's good!

Then the car wouldn't start, and wouldn't stay running. That's bad.

So, they did a smoke test. That's good!

And they found a massive vacuum leak from the rear of the intake manifold. That's bad.

So, they're going to pull it all apart again to find the leak. I must have cocked some thing up in the reassembly . I am looking at possibly 5.5 hours labout, plus any parts they need. They'll be doing the job later today, or early tomorrow. This thing better run like a top when it's done, or I'll be hostile. So much for DIY to save money.

On the upside, I am having a hoot ripping around in my SVT Contour again. Such excellent intake noises.......
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