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No matter how you slice it, building is more expensive than buying... Even i you buy all the bits and pieces used. There are people going out of racing or upgrading all the time. (either because they go broke or get a kid or two or have lots of play money.)

There is a lot of deals out there because a race car is an asset that depreciates extremely fast and there is a limited market for a play car that needs a trailer to be moved around.

Even your modified car Big D, you would loose a lot of money if you wanted to sell it, even though you did most of the work yourself, or it will take a long time to find the right buyer.

With the economy going down... it is the best time to get a play car for cheap...

Legger, what engine do you run on your E30? What series would you race this year?
I am going to run vintage, but not until the economy is better, will keep teaching driving school and finish the car in the mean time.
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