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I hear you Big D, I love modding cars too...

I originally took my 2.5L NA Subaru Impreza (my daily driver)...from a base model car to the brink of being my Castrol Touring Car.

I had the engine swapped for a JDM 2.0L turbo, acquired low km used cusco race suspension, 4 pot brakes for all 4 corners, 2 sets of light racing wheels, race seat and steering wheels...and was ready to have the cage welded in within a month...then it donned on me..." I am going to have a $35,000-40,000 race car???

I ended up selling the car, and sold off all the bits and pieces, and bought a multiple championship winning E30 race car that was built two years earlier (for twice what I paid for it.)

I raced a $16,000 car instead of a $35,000 build...and man am I glad I did one year later. I ended up renting out that car most of the year as I had a friend with some good $$$ approach me about it...and then went out and bought another E30 for sub $10,000 that I raced...the guy I bought it from spent $28,000 on it over a 5 year period.

Building race cars is fun, but expensive...why not benefit from somebody elses long hours and endless bills...$$$$$$.
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