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I do agree, even if you do the work yourself, it is much cheaper to buy than build.
The only drawback is that you don't really know what the previous owner did.

It cost me well over 20 000 to build my E36 328is from scratch, and below 10 000 to build my Turbo 635csi race car (I bought the car fort it's cage, good shell and race suspension). I would never build a car from scatch ever again even if I win the lottery. There is a lot of E30 and E36 race prepared for cheap now with a lot of money invested in them. Building a raceproof cage alone will cost 3 000Cdn and above...

The only Pro of building a car from scratch is that you can start with your daily driver and modify it until you need a trailer to bring it to the track (stifff suspension and such).
But at the end it will cost way more.

But Legger is right on the money...
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