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Originally posted by 328DTM
Again off-topic but some of you guys shouldn't make fun of Civics too much. I met up with this guy over the winter w/Autotechnica and Kenny and we saw with our own eyes, a Civic SIR w/stock manifolds and stock exhaust. He has a CAI, winter tires, drop springs and bottom end built up along with a Standalone system. His car looks like a stock looking civic from the exterior w/not interior stripped. Even on the freeway run w/my A4 buddy and this guy w/a mid '90s CAmry auto V6 SUPRA Turbo conversion, I was surprised how well the Civic pulled from the start, thinking that it'd suck on freeway runs and its lack of torque. FYI, my buddies A4 is quicker than stock E36 M3s, just to give you guys a reference point. At times the Civic pulled away from my A4 friend who had an extra passenger. This consisted of several 2nd or 3rd gear rolling starts all the way up to 5th gear. The civic pulled maybe half to a one/one and a half car length away from the A4, but when both of them started, my A4 friend had the slight edge. However, the other time when my A4 buddy (this time w/no passenger riding along) raced the civic, he beated him. I forgot by how much but seems like absence of a passenger made a difference for him. No NOS was invovled!

Yes I know you guys are probably thinking, "Well that's a mildly modded Civic SIR" but I'm just showing you guys it still has potential and it's not the average so called "RICER" civics you see these days, misrepresented by many enthusists who are good at making them sound loud but no go.

I'm taking things into the PERSPECTIVE of straight line racing so don't go on bashing me about the differences on "Oh Track Circuit at Mosport, Shannonville, Auto-x, blah blah blah, handling."
finally someone has said it beside me...everyone looks at a civic, and calls it a rice WTF! douche bags...this guy at my school (owns rated R), i make fun of them all the time..but this guy in a STOCK 4.6L GT mustang came by to pick up his g/f from my school, and called this guy a ricer cuz he has a type-r..and was saying "hey u ****ing ricer, eat this" and he reved his engine..and called his car a rice cooker (lol thats funny though) he lost to the type-r (fully modded internally..around 250hp NA to the wheels) this car isnt a street that explains the HP..anyways, it just shows that the majority of drivers out there DONT know what rice is...apparently when you say "jap car" they think of HONDA! i know they are common, but i mean., your damn eyes..i hate riced out cars, and when people who DONT know me a ricer cuz i like hondas, like **** off! im not talking about you guys, cuz i know you guys are joking (well most), but i was on DTMpower on my friends account, and i said something about my friend's some guy said he beat it in his 318 (which lead me to being banned)....and he called me a ricer, like wtf!

thanks for clearing that up pat..i knew some of it, but not in detail...but i mean look at what 328DTM said,...mike post those videos up...

this guy would have beaten wasabi and MP328 (NO OFFENSE GUYS!!!!!!!), that 15.1 run is really guys, remember i said 15sec, and it was IMPOSSIBLE? im not saying a 328 cant be faster...some guy on another bmw forum (i forgot) said he ran a 14.9...i am not sure if its true...but i only started this whole thing to prove to mkgino that preludes, 1/4MILE ONLY..can tie with the 328, only a really good driver at 1/4mile would be doing such low times in the 328.

bart 320i: theres no doubt the BMW build quality is better, and power is more than the SH..but we never brought up the SH...the non SH is 100 or so LBS lighter

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