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Alright guys, so I've had a lot of interest, but I guess some of my prices are too high, so it's time to cut them. I NEED this stuff gone soon, my '02 needs some parts! Whatever doesn't sell it going up on ebay, and I'd prefer to let the '02 community have first dibs.

Some of the goodies are:

-3 piece dash . One VERY small crack smaller than a penny. (Out of a 1970) Was $900USD, and now $650USD

-1 Piece dash with one small nick in it, not cracked. $350USD now $250USD

-Set of early grills in very good shape. Some scratches, but chrome is still very shiny, and these are dead straight. Also comes with an early kidney grill, with one slight bend $300USD Now $225USD

-A concours quality set of E21 turbines, with center caps. These are in VERY good shape. $350USD

-Bumper set: 1 front bumper, straight, with over riders, and a rear (long style). Good condition $350USD Now $250USD

-A working tii clock in very good shape with wiring and everything still attatched (Just make me an offer!)

This is just a short list of stuff. I've also got a a set of tail light lends with the red centers, not orange. One side has a small crack in it. Also got multiple sets of regular roundie tail light lenses, and housings too.

Also have:
-Turn signal lights (One pair comes with NEW gaskets)
-Multiple center consoles in good shape, some with hazard switches(early 6 prong)
-A heater box
-Distributers ect.
-Couple sets of hubcaps.
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