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Originally Posted by Zorin View Post
I agree, but we assume that the engine was taken care of - not many people care about cars as we do.
Also, rebuilding the internals or even "cleaning" the engine would possibly yield the same results as running a turbo on a "dirty" engine.
It was a common practice in 1970/80s to pull out an engine and clean the internals every 100000kms.

Also, old knowledge says that if engine was "conservatively" driven for 20 years, 1 year of "spirited" driving might kill it. I have seen this happen when kids get their cars from their parents.

Again, no to argue, but spending money to do turbo on a 24 year old engine with unknown past would not be my choice. It would be more wisely spend trying to bring it to original specs.
I disagree with pretty much everything in your last post. M10s are a dime a dozen, there is no reason to spend money on building such a boring motor, if I was the original poster I would continue on the path and boost the stock m10, if he decidedes he needs more power than swap that puppy out of there for something with much more potential.

If someone has a rebuilt NA m10 that is making more power than a decent conditioned turboed m10, than they epic failed miserably. An m10 at original specs is incredibly boring imo and rebuilding one is an obsurd waste of money for anyone looking for any performance (unless the idea is for an original restoration, which I still don't understand but to each his own).

Original poster, boost and go! worst case scenario, if you get over zealous and the m10 bites the dust, replace it for $1.50 and keep goin again : )

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