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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
Yes I do think that... if it's been taken care of why wouldn't it be?

If the motor currently has running problems N/A then obviously it wouldn't be a good idea to rebuild or swap it.

But seeing as I've personally seen and turbo'd enough old engines with high KM and they run just fine and last I don't see where the problem is.

If the OP is only wanting a new pounds of boost, why bother with internals... There is no need to invest that kind of money into a motor when the stock parts will work just fine.
I agree, but we assume that the engine was taken care of - not many people care about cars as we do.
Also, rebuilding the internals or even "cleaning" the engine would possibly yield the same results as running a turbo on a "dirty" engine.
It was a common practice in 1970/80s to pull out an engine and clean the internals every 100000kms.

Also, old knowledge says that if engine was "conservatively" driven for 20 years, 1 year of "spirited" driving might kill it. I have seen this happen when kids get their cars from their parents.

Again, no to argue, but spending money to do turbo on a 24 year old engine with unknown past would not be my choice. It would be more wisely spend trying to bring it to original specs.

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