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Re: Interesting poll about "certain" members

Originally posted by M50E30
I included myself so the others have a chance to vote for me (so it will make them feel good) ! LOL!

BTW - Not trying to be offensive! Just posting something new.
Ok, I'll tell you what I voted in a second, but heres what I think:

M50E30 - And A$$hole? C'mon now, give yourself SOME credit, you've always seemed to be helpful in everything that you post generally, only when it comes to "certain" people that are out to just be useless is when you get your back up. But then again, I'm the exact same way, can't stand useless posts.

Rob89M3 - 99% of the time? Well, All I can say is I see some sh1tty things being thrown around from all parties, I don't some of you personally so I can't really judge what I see online. He's always seemed to be nice to me, so I've been the same way back.

BMWM5LOVER - Ok, well, listen Terry, you've dug yourself quite the hole here on Max, I remember I posted something once in the for sale section. And instead of constructive criticism, you totally bashed me and how I shouldn't be selling it how I was. Plus all the useless shit you say about everything else that people say. If you want to start getting on peoples good side, maybe try helping out, instead of being condesending. Plus the one or two word posts, no one likes those either, know one cares. Gets tired REAL quick.

E46_Lover - Ok Jon, your turn. Haha, you DO post alot, sometimes some really nopointtothispostbutwhatthehell. But I do have to give it to ya, you know a lot about Honda's and BMW's, I'd feel that if I ever needed to know something you'd be in the list of people to come to with the questions.

mkgino & Miguel - As for you two, your always grabbing the attention, I can see it now, you two wouldn't happen to have been the class clowns now would you have? Nooooo, I didn't think so. You guys make this place fun, keep it up.

So there ya go guys,

PS: I voted for BMWM5LOVER, sorry Terry, cause you were the only person on the list that actually did something to me that was just stupid.

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