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Wheels FS: 15" MOMO I.D.E.A. Toronto or Wateroo buyer preferred

These came with the E30 I bought from another member on this board. I'm selling them off because I've got a new set of wheels for my car.

7J x 15 ET30. 4x100 bolt pattern. Centre bore is marked 57.1mm. These are a direct fit on all E30 cars except for the iX and M3. These should also fit Civics, Corollas, and older VWs.

There is a a little curb damage on 3 of the 4 wheels, but the wheels still look fantastic and shiny when clean. The cover over the lug bolts on each wheel is held on by 4 hex socket head screws on each wheel. You will see that there are five holes on the cover but only 4 are threaded for screws (crazy Italian designers?). I am missing one screw each for 3 of the wheels, but none of the covers have fallen off while driving so I guess that's alright! I'm sure the screws can be easily bought if you wanted to.

The grey pieces on the spokes are meant to be painted to match the colour of your car. Mine are still the unpainted grey colour!

Tires mounted on the wheels are Falken Ziex ZE 512 all-seasons in 205/55 R15. These tires are great and still have some good life in them.













I am asking $400 for the set. I will not take the tires off. I am located in Richmond Hill and would like direct pick up of these wheels. I also visit Waterloo frequently so I'm also OK with buyers from the K-W region.

Please respond by private message.
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