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Mike, I see Nigel got some good pics of you!

man, this year has been unreal. First year competing in the drift scene. The exposure to the scene has ben phenomenol and I've never worked so hard to improve myself. Let's just say there has been alot of burnt up tire this year. The death count right now is at 32 tires.

The year started off with the First Round of the Drift Ops Pro-Am series. With zero drifting experience at the track, I was able to learn my car and develop my own technique during the 3 hour practice in the morning. At the end of the day i was eliminated at the top 8 finishing 7th overall.

CSCS #2 I struggled the whole day drifting on gay Dunlop FM 901's. Lucky enough I made it through to the top 16, but only to end the day early at 12th.

With Noise restrictions many of our event were cancelled at Dunnville.

Drift Mania Canadian Championships Round 4 at Downsview Park. Probably the highlight of this year with the exposure of getting judged by a proffessional panel of judges and being critiqued by Canada's own Pro series drivers and meeting some of my own heroes. The first few competitors including myself ran the Pro layout. Which was fast and fun. Entering at top of 3rd Gear then dropping it into 2nd mid drift for the decreasing Radius. Then the switched us to the ameture layout.

Never have we tandem this close before with a 1 second gap between cars. Qualifying I ****ed up my run to qualify 10th. During the first round tandem battle, I was up against an 86 corrolla. Tight battle, although most say i should've won, but the experience itself was unreal. Especially the Invite to go represent Ontario Ametures in Quebec was awesome too.. no funds though.

Open Drift Days. Twas crazy fun. With more confidence under my belt, I was getting some damn near door to door tandem runs with others and some of the pros. Compliments as "most improved driver" or "best new comer" from various drifters and drift posse were very encouraging. after 8 tires, smashed front lip, and a broken shock mount it was an amazing day.

CSCS finale... I KILLED IT. lol DriveitSideways was there riding shotgun with me. Qualified 7th with a crazy run. Nailing the Double apex then connecting the Right turn after. Through points I was creeping my way up to the top and by 2nd round i was in 4th placing higher than my opponent, the Intense Motorsports DMCC drift car. but the thought of going up against a Pro Driver got to my head and I choked on the second run and dropped two wheels in the dirt to finish 5th. not bad for having the least HP in the top 8

Finally Drift Ops VIP day. Day started of good. Crazazn was shotty. Blew out a tire first 30 mins out there. Got out there and went about 3 laps tandem with DMCC driver Vlad Crown. Another close tandem. I think at one point we had a 3 car tandem going . Then everything went to shit when my inner ball joint broke.

- sorry for the novel lool
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