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Only two this year, no money for more. The first was Dave's lapping day at Dunnville, the track debut of the S52 E30. Just did a dozen or so meek laps, started pushing more by the end, but I'm absolutely thrilled and proud that the car worked perfectly and didn't miss a single beat. It was a total victory for a long and ambitious project (which began with changing the clutch in a barely lit underground lot, changing out the suspension/diff in a borrowed garage, preparing the engine in my livingroom in BC).

Then I did the Boston BMW Club school in Tremblant. I initially planned to have the E30 ready for that and Dunnville proved that it was capable but the two major problems were 1) it was probably 50% over the noise limit at Tremblant and I was out of $ to do anything proper about it and 2) it's still an unproven car. 2) really hit home when I got to the track to find a dude I've been emailing with under his M3. He paid for all 3 days and his car started misfiring heavily as he got into Quebec. All said and done he fixed it with only the last run session of Sunday left. That justified my decision totally. I rented a Cobalt and had more fun with it than I'll ever care to admit. Getting my doors blown off by tuned Miatas, E36s and an R35 GTR and reeling them back in in the next turn made me and my instructor giggle our asses off.
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