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SRT-4 vs M3

Not my storie, but thought it was interesting.

I pull up behind this SRT-4 Dodge Neon... you know, the fast one... at a traffic light. Thinking it's still new, I don't even think twice about it (raced a new one before ... easy killing). Anyway, light goes green... and he moves off and I move off... and as there is space around him, I change lanes and start to draw out 3rd gear to make my pass. Well, I get about to the rear quarter panel and this guy romps on it.

Dazed and confused... I put my foot down in 3rd which is now just starting to come to life, but the Neon is already about a car ahead, but I'm closing the gap... then, voila!

Red light ahead. I jump on the binders and we both pull up to the light at the same time. I asked him if that the new SRT4 ... I already knew it was cause ... damn, heard that turbo exhaust. We make some brief small talk... while I am frantically searching for the DSC button and sport button with my right hand.

Opposing light goes yellow, I don't think he notices cause we are still talking. Our light turns green and we are still talking so I give him the wave and pull away very slowly in 1st gear. We roll off about the same and just as I crawl up to 3000rpm in first, he romps on it.

He he... I knew he wanted some!

I romp on first gear... back tires start spinning... argh! Neon pulls on me half a car. He grabs 2nd while I'm still going through first. I hit 2nd gear ... H A R D! Tires loose grip and I drop back to 1/2 car negating any ground I made up in first. As I'm spinning 2nd I make a mental note ... Ya know, I probably should start saving for new tires. Finally power makes it to the ground and I start pulling on the guy 2nd gear we are nose and nose. I grab 3rd... BAM it's over. 3rd gear starts pulling on the Neon very nicely... Enough so that the Neon gets religated to my rear bumper by the end of 3rd. As I hit 4th, I shut it down.

He pulls up next to me and gives me the thumbs up and I wave. Those little cars are fast. And ya know what... the damn thing sounds pretty good while it was moving. Credit to Dodge to making a really nice sounding and hot performing small car. Now... let's see what happened when they start jacking up the boost
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