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Exploding E36 Mod

I'm not sure how to recreate the mod, but I'll share lastnight's experience (btw E36 part-out coming soon...)

I was at a friend's house in the hot tub for about 2 hours, then I had to leave around 9:30pm because I had to take care of some things at the office early the next morning.

It was cold so as I got my clothes on I fired up my car with the remote start, I heard it start and it was running fine, then the idle started to go funny. It was revving up then revving down really weird. So I peaked outside with a buddy and shut it off with the remote. I assumed it was a voltage regulator issue or something weird like that, never did I dream it was a fuel issue. I hit the remote start again to see if it would fire up and idle normally, and the car exploded into a fireball...

We immediately ran outside and I tried to shut it off with the remote, but it sounded like it was still trying to crank over and start (even while on fire BMW quality prevails) The fire was getting bigger, we couldn't get close enough to the car to open the hood and get at the main fire, nor did any of the fire exstinguishers work, all we had was a garden hose.

I phoned 911 after the first extinguisher didn't work, 3 of the neighbours are volunteer firefighters so they were there quick to get there. We couldn't get it out with their extinguishers or a garden hose so the real fire trucks showed up and it took 3 hoses on the car for about 30 minutes to get it out...

Basically everything from the firewall forward is melted... The interior is fine, the rear is fine but everything is badly smoke damaged. My rims/tires are fine from what I could see, the explosion blew out the passenger side of the car and blew a hole right through the side skirt (I think a backfire started the explosion and it blew out the exhaust manifold)... Either way, the car is totalled. On top of that, I have no fire coverage on my cheap insurance policy, which is fine I'd prolly get more parting the car out anyways, the rims, diff, ACS Skirts/spoiler are okay. The front clip may even be alright because the fire melted the mounts and it fell off on the ground and the fire department moved it away lol...

ANYWAYS: Morale of the story: I am EXTREMELY lucky this did not happen in the garage at the house I Just bought. I am also EXTREMELY lucky I was not in the vehicle or standing near the vehicle when this happened. I'm not sure what caused the problem, but I want everybody to realise that having up-to-date fire extinguishers on hand in and around vehicles is a must. Also, I want people to realise that using a remote start when your vehicle is in a garage or near a house is a bad idea. It is very lucky I did not park closer to my buddy's house or it woulda gone up for sure...

I will upload pics later.

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