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Bump, price drop, and update...

I've still got this, and would like to let it go before my insurance comes up for renewal.

I have picked up a crack in the windshield, sadly... I've been daily driving it while I work on the other car. It will need a replacement to be safetied. The headlight is also still cracked, but I can get a set of regular headlights to replace them (non-smiley, but it's really only a style thing anyways, plus putting the normal lights back in means normal US-spec bulbs).

The summer tires are pretty much done at this point, but there will be a set of good winter tires on the car, will last at least this winter and maybe more.... 2 sets of rims included with the sale (stock bottlecaps for winter, weaves [pictured] for summer)

Due to the cracks in the glass, the car isn't safetied yet. I would be willing to sell for a very good price as-is, simply because I am so damned busy with work and moving right now, I don't have time to deal with getting these things done.

Feel free to make offers, low-ball, whatever... I just want to sell it and have too many other things to worry about.

No one has even come to see the car yet.... at least have a peek and see what it looks like. A lot of people have seen this car in person at meets, and it holds up. The interior is in very good shape, and would make for a very comfortable and sturdy winter car (for all you M3 owners... lol)

$3,000 AS IS, or best offer!
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