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More BMW PAS Spyshots

Another round of spy shots of BMW’s Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) has surfaced, revealing what appear to be production-ready front and rear light treatments under disguise. The car, which is expected to be a five-door fastback sized between the 5-Series and 7-Series that will debut as a 2010 model, has not yet been officially unveiled. It’s expected to be the first of a possible new range of BMW products, the V-Series.

The PAS--or is it the V5?--will sport “coupe-sedan” styling similar to that of the X6, with a more road-going stance. It’s expected to be a four-seater, also in the same vein as the X6, powered by BMW’s 3.0 liter straight-six in gasoline and diesel permutations. A more powerful 4.0 liter diesel V8 may be offered, and BMW has not ruled out the possibility of a hybrid version.

Underneath the camouflage in these photos, the final hood lines can be discerned, and the dramatically sloped rear glass will give this car a unique profile on the road.


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