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e30 interior light problem

i've never owned an e30 before so my questions might be kinda noobish so take it easy on me.

i'm just wondering, in my car when i pull out the headlight switch once, my headlights go out, but my interior lights go on. when i pull it out all the way, my headlights turn on and my interior lights go out. i'm no expert on e30s as this is my first ever. i'm just wondering, is it supposed to do that? or are my headlights/interior lights supposed to light up if the switch is pulled out all the way?

also, my old cluster was garbage, as the guage lighting didnt work as well as the kms. i replaced the cluster today with my friends old cluster from his car. my problem here is that, the guage lighting once again does not work or it might just be that it is too bright outside to tell that it is on. if the cluster lighting does not work, any clue as to what to check and or replace?

thanks, ricky
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