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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
when i pictured you pimping in peru, i kindof had a toyota truck wifeater AK47 and 50 keys of blow picture in my head, but your way works too.

You get to chill in peru for a bit or just working?
No 50 keys of coke but a lot of coca leaf. (In vegetation form it is legal)

I am here for work and I actually was evacuated from the mine yesterday because a town near the mine went on strike. For the past few days there were approx 100 of the Peruvian national police force present and yesterday they started being trucked out. I figured that meant everything was good but then the air raid siren started to go off and we were told to leave the site immediately. I have some more landscape pics from the ride back to lima. I will post them up later.

Exciting times. Now because some Peruvian aboriginals decided to go on strike I miss my thanksgiving. Dammit!!

at least last night I got a taste of home at KFC, its kinda close to the real thing.
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