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Originally Posted by 405Style View Post
ok, here is what YOU SHOULD DO.

1. idle high, inconsistent:

Check maf hose. the rubber boot between mass air sensor and the manifold. Guaranteed you have a hole in it. Replace boot, about 80 from bmw. I suggest you tape around the new boot with tuck tape, before you install, and tape tight and well. IT WILL CRACK AGAIN, usually within a year, its a POS rubber design. The tape will prevent this. If you can t see a crack, remove the boot fromt he car, you ll see one someplace.

Idle control valve: clean it, or replace it.

2. Squeeking= Handbrake: Replace pins. Usually squeeks on bumps etc.

Creaking: springs, if cracked they need replacing right away.

a properly running m42, or atleast one that gets proper air suction will start and idle at 800rpm and stay there consistently, on idle. I can almost guarantee its the MAF rubber boot, I just taped my old one, I don t want another one from bmw, im looking for a aftermarket one thats strong and durable.
Thanks, but how squeeking sound related to the handbrakes? Sound comes only from the rear suspension or specifically from right side rear wheal. It happens only on speed bumps or small wholes on the road. Also if i have passenger or two it squeeks all the time.
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