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ok, here is what YOU SHOULD DO.

1. idle high, inconsistent:

Check maf hose. the rubber boot between mass air sensor and the manifold. Guaranteed you have a hole in it. Replace boot, about 80 from bmw. I suggest you tape around the new boot with tuck tape, before you install, and tape tight and well. IT WILL CRACK AGAIN, usually within a year, its a POS rubber design. The tape will prevent this. If you can t see a crack, remove the boot fromt he car, you ll see one someplace.

Idle control valve: clean it, or replace it.

2. Squeeking= Handbrake: Replace pins. Usually squeeks on bumps etc.

Creaking: springs, if cracked they need replacing right away.

a properly running m42, or atleast one that gets proper air suction will start and idle at 800rpm and stay there consistently, on idle. I can almost guarantee its the MAF rubber boot, I just taped my old one, I don t want another one from bmw, im looking for a aftermarket one thats strong and durable.

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