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Originally Posted by Boots R View Post
inner city looks like shit, but the wilderness looks awesome.

Good job on tagging the white-shirt too
Yea the citys have some really poor areas average salaries are very very low. People live on the side of mountains down here in shacks. so when it rains and there are mud slides whole neighborhoods are washed away. Some of the pics were taken in the northern amazonian region of Junin which is more plush than up in the high mountains. The mine I am installing stuff at is approximately 4600 meters above sea level and it can be hard to breathe/work.

Thanks for the I was skeptical to meet her again the next day cuz I was drunk that night and figured that I may had made a bad choice. We had arranged to meet at her hotel but, I blew her off. So we were on our way out of La Merced heading towards Tarma and we passed them on the side of the road walking towards Merced. I did not want to stop but the guys I was with thought it would be funny to see how awkward it would be. The pic we are in with her friends was taken after the awkwardness subsided.
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