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e36 question for the bimmersport crew

my m42 with 5 speed has 220k on it now. Recently i did a tranny fluid change, i was told to pour in lucas gear oil 80w90. It was too heavy, and when cold caused second to grind so i drained it, and put dextron 2 back in. Now everything is fine but when my transmission is cold, i can t get into 5th gear without a grind, when it warms up its fine, and doesn t grind.

What do you guys recommend? I believe a proper tranny flush would work right? how much to do it?

Help is appreciated, i don t want to cause damage. I grinded lightly about 10 times so far, if i stay in 4th and let it warm up for 5 min on the highway, it will go into 5th without a grind and continue as long as the car is warm.
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