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Originally Posted by superM3 View Post
Just wanted to thank Randy and everyone else involved with bimmercruise. The one thing I had a problem with at the show was the amount of people not willing to enter their 20,30,40,50k cars for a cost of $20. These shows can't happen without the support of sponsors and competitors. Just because you see another car with more mods doesn't mean you should drive away. Next year I hope to see more people competing.


as this was my first bimmercruise/bmw event.. i debated whether or not to enter and i did anyways, i knew i wasn't going to win any prizes, i just wanted to support the show.(mind you, i did have second thoughts as i was driving past your turbo m3 then the s/c m3, etc.) there was plenty of cars down the road and the parking lots that were nicely modified that definitely should have entered. for this year i guess it was okay though because the parking lot was full enough
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