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Originally posted by E46_lover
ok first off, stuck up bmw many hondas have u ridden in smart ass? you are SOOO close minded, if there are no fast hondas except the NSX, then that means your car is even slower because you lost to the RSX. moron

since you are always telling me you can beat that prelude any time, im holding you to it..if u beat that one, u can beat another?

i was talking with shotta about this 1/4mile shit earlier..first of all, look where we are moron...its ALL straight roads, where do we come up to krispy kreme from a winding road that has ups and downs, lefts and rights? moron. if we were in europe or asia, the honda would be left in the dust, unless its a type-s or type-r or a car thats modded...i never said honda would ever be better than BMW...even though it can run 8sec i would rather have the M5 for speed, luxury and looks.

you put words in my mouth all the time, i cant put any in yours? dont be a ****ing moron.
I do think my car is slow, like I said before I consider a NSX, E46 M3, M5 etc, fast because they can run 13's out of the box.

But my car IS faster than a prelude, not by much, but it is. So is Wasabi's and so is Thinair's (when they were stock that is). They ran faster times than the lude.
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