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Originally posted by E46_lover
E46 EURO M3, what exhaust do they have that adds more HP? never heard of one...same with CAI.

John, bring your car to 100% sure i can prove u wrong, that your 328, is NOT a honda must admit, honda's are ****ing fast cars....and i know, and everyone else knows i like a bmw better. i only back them up because 1) i like real modded hondas, like on 2) because you are an overconfident and stuck up bmw owner
your a fu*king idiot Jon, you know I am not a stuck up BMW owner. When I raced Dan in his RSX-S I knew I would lose and what happened? I lost, I never once bragged that I would beat him, before or after the race.

I take hondas for what they are worth. And there are no fast hondas period (except for the NSX). Honda is an economy car and it always will be. I consider something with over 300 hp and running 13's stock fast.

I also never said my 328 was a honda killer, dont put words in my mouth.

Remember, its not me in my 328 that will get better times than a prelude, it is an experienced driver that will get better times, than a prelude with an equal experienced driver. I have never been to the 1/4 mile track before, I expect to run a 15.5 or worse, and does that mean my car is slower than a prelude?? Maybe in your 15 year old diluted mind.

You think that Hondas are Gods gift to the 1/4 mile, but you are wrong. When you start to compare cars, start with stock numbers and in equal conditions.

BTW Jon, Just so you know, no matter what you do to a honda, no matter if you make it am M5 Killer, its still at the end of the day going to be a $5000 car and its still going to be a piece of shit.
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