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Originally posted by chefd
Sorry i dont consider a CAI and exhaust a mod, but i know the preludes can run real quick.
Well then, if a performance CAI and exhaust werent mods, they would be options from the factory. Hondas Mod well, and higher times can be expected from just those two little things. Regardless, It isnt gonna beat a 328. If you ran a 15.2 in Nova Scotia at that track, in that weather , a 328 would have beat it at that track in that weather.

E46_Lover seems to like to do anything to win an argument, even compare 1/4 mile times in different parts of the world. Its funny, I could see an M3 running 15's in Colarado 3000 ft above sea level, and a Type R running low 14's in SoCali, and he would say the Type R is faster. Bitch grow up.

Bitch Please!
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