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Current Mustangs 4.6 L N/A engine is somewhat disappointing with their power output. Also, the current model Mustangs is HEAVY, especially the convertible. There somewhere around 3800lbs.

Ford's serious about contending with the best with their new line of cars. In the next few years, they’re introducing some sweet & very powerful cars. i.e. New Mustang and Lightning. Rumors are the new Lightning's going to be rated at over 500 HP!
And there's rumors of Ford resurrecting the GT40...... (Just enough time for me to get bored of the Z........... )
No one will be making fun of Ford in the near future. They may not have the prestige of a BMW, but you will know who daddy is if you pull up to one at a light, and if the GT40 does go into production, on the track as well.

If we could only hire the designer from Ford, and send him over to BMW, and get rid of that Bangel character; b/4 he has time to screw up all the BMW models....................
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