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Rob: Hey man ive been trying to track down your E30 M3 for like YEARS NOW!!!

Guy: ok, so what do you want?

Rob: i want to buy it off you..

Guy: i have an auto collection and i am not selling it.

Rob: BUT I WANT TO LOOK V.I.P IN YOUR EVO M3?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Guy: Rob your gay..

Rob: Can i just take a look at it??

Guy: No your gay.. goodbye

Rich people register collector items under buisnesses so the vehicle can be located anywhere. almost all ferrari enzo's are under buisnesses so the guy can buy a store in nebraska and put the enzo under that registration office. then have his enzo shipped to islamabad. So a Saudi Prince can do hard core ARAB DRIFTING~!!!
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