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guys dont forget the Mazda RX-7, and now the new RX-8...those AMAZING handling cars!! the silva is sooo sick, i love that car...tuners in japan are hitting 600hp easily! just upgrade the internals and put a lil bit bigger turbo.

mike125k what in the blue hell are you talking about? no one said just slap on an intake on a jap car and your done. this is a perfect example of stereotyping...jap car owners are nothing but stupid kids, who slap an intake and exhaust (not even a cat back) and think their cars are fast. Muscle is very good IMO, but its good for one thing, straight line speed (unless heavily modded). that isnt what an NSX or S2000 is for, if you take one to the track, and know how to drive at the track with a M-R or F-R car then you will understand, i myself havent even driven...but anyone can tell you..a jap car like NSX and S2000 is a good performance car for handling. stock for stock, muscle will get torn apart on the track when lined up against an NSX ( like 7500rpm)

good handling car = true sports car IMO

btw: if you dont like talking about jap cars, why'd u post in the first place?

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