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HOLD THE PHONE!!! OK I love rice, I know they arn't the fastest cars on the road, but they arn't susposed to be. My goal with my 1988 Toyota MR2 is the same as almost anyone who drives a sport compact car, and that is this:

1-to build a performance car on a buget
2-make something you can call your own (style wise, the mods you do, ect)
3-make my $4000 car faster then cars with a way bigger price tag.
4-be able to beat cars that should smoke you

I think number four is my biggest goal, to prove to people that a V8 is not the be all and end all of engines if you want to go fast, and that you don't have to spend $40 000 - 50 000 or more to get a "performance car".

If in the time that I own my 4cylinder I beat one V8, then I will be more than happy with what I have done with my car
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