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Guys, truth is that yes, some jap cars have potential but the list, in my case is narrowed down to three.

The Toyota Supra. Runs good, Good performer. but still isn't that formidable when racing major sports cars such as Ferraris(remember that Fast and the Furious, that Ferrrari would've eaten that supra for lunch).

The Skyline: Ho not much to say there, really good car, has measured itself against cars that rank in the world's fastest.

The 3000GT: man that thing is just nice, yet the only one that really kicks butt is the VR4 thanks to 320Hp and all wheel drive. The car is too heavy though.

Now, out of these three that are the best performers (for me at least) I would have to say there is not much to say about the rest, some perform good yes, but then again not every jerk that gets a honda and puts that darn tea pot under the hood, is going to beat cars of the caliber of BMW, FORD, CHEVROLET and many other major mnufacturers, I hate it when all those dumb kids come with their hondas and think that they can smoke cars that would kick their butt, even when they're not running at their best.

P.S the only reason that I smoked that dude in the S2000 it's because he kept making fun of my friends car and since, I don't like it when jerks brag about their pieces of sh*t almost beating a Bimmer or Ford (Specially Ford) I smoked him, just to show him how cheap his junk was.
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