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Bimmersport ........ Is there anything better

So I felt my ride all loose on the road and once Mike took a quick glace and through my speculation the ball joints where shot.

I also had a sneaky feeling the rear shock mounts where shot and sure enought they where

So off to Bimmersport I go (on my bday none the less).

Heres what was repaired by Jonny B:

- Rear discs and pads
- Rear shock mounts (uuc heavy duty)
- Ball joints (heavy duty)
- Front sway bar endlinks

Not only did my car go from loosey goosy to tighty white the crew bought me lunch for my bday and as usual treated me like gold.

My birthday wouldnt have been the same if I didnt visit both my families Bimmersport and my family at home.

You guys truly are the best


P.S. Will see you boys Friday night. Bring a full stomach and an empty liver we are gonna party like crazy !!!!
Its all about rolling in the X5 !!!

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