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Originally Posted by denisemichel View Post
looks clean, but that asking price is way to much! for a 97
Thank you for your input. The car is really clean and was babied through its life. I am open to offers but I have seen some of the cars going for $8-9k with similar mileage and some are not doing so well (IMO), regardless if they're a 97 or 2000. To each their own, I am open to offers but am not going to give it away, if I don't get enough for it, it's worthwhile for me to keep the extra car around. I did see the guy giving away his 99 540iA so he doesn't have to trade it in, I will agree that is a smoking deal!

Keep in mind this is the M62 non TU motor - so no vanos seal problems.

I am open to serious offers and even a possible trade + cash!
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