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The work of a Sexy man... and a couple of not as sexy people =p(Pics)


Don't Worry, this thread does not contain pictures of me lubed up in motor oil and in various poses for myspace. Unless you want some than PM me =D.

Took a little while, about 10 hours in total to drop the driveline. No power tools or hoists. No extra large jack or jackstands, just cinder blocks, a couple of wheels and 1 standard Canadian Tire special jack.

Dropped it with the whole front subframe

It took quiet a while because there was a couple of bolts that were being unsexy and the steering rack was another PITA, but a Scotsman had the idea of putting a hammering through the steering wheel. Which was the best Idea we could come up with after like 45 minutes with struggling and looking at ways we could get to the steering knuckles without removing the rack from the car.

Cell phone pics.

Motor is a 2.7 bottom end with an I head.

Still have a little bit ways too go, Gotta throw this motor into my coupe. So I'll update this thread as it unfolds. I have to go back to school next week so I really want to have this done by then. Maybe have a little fun at the midnight cruise and Bimmercruise (which falls on the date of my birthday)

So for now Stay Sexy.. but not too sexy, I don't want any competition.


95 530i|Modifications - Work.

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