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Posts: 3's taken me nearly 2 weeks, but I have read/skimmed EVERY message in this thread....yes...all 41 pages.

My brain is melting and running out of my left shoe.

I am on a pretty tight budget, but there seem to be no reasonably good tires available locally for the 14" stock basketweaves. They're all light truck tires...and I just ain't gonna do that.

I don't seem to be able to find any decent looking 16x7 4-100 with....et20 isn't it?

I'm a little picky on the look, no 5 spoke with 4 lugs. I like alot of the ones i've seen with 8 spokes, or 8 that split, etc. I've seen alot with the right bolt pattern and a 35-40 offset. If I understand right, these won't work without spacers, and i can't afford an extra $100 for good spacers. (I could possibly machine them though, either conventional or CNC) I haven't seen anything, at least not that I comprehended, relating to the hubcentric size.

So can anyone point me to a good supplier that might have the right combination of sizes and dimensions? I've been to tirerack a dozen times, and just don't see what i want for under $300 a wheel, which is way over budget. I'd like to stay under $600/4 if possible.

Thanks all
Ecru, Mississippi
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