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Cayuga Aug. 21.08 anyone???

Looks like i'll be going with some friends tomorrow down there...

gotta go by charlies first and change the radiator thought

we went two weeks ago out of nowhere and it was my first time in 5 years going again. in the mean time i installed 3.23 LSD and was looking forward to checking out how the car goes, but to my suprise i went the wrong way lol

compared to few years ago where i did 15.2 @ 94 the car was slower now out of 2 runs the best one was 15.5 @ 89

so i really wanna go again and see if it was just me or if the engine is dying slowly (213K on it)

these were my times btw, anything standing out ???

R/T ----- .711
60' ----- 2.285
330' ---- 6.547
1/8 ---- 10.053
mph --- 70.26
1/4 ---- 15.546
mph --- 89.25
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