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Originally Posted by MisTAmaN View Post
looking to purchase rims since mine were stolen, just got a couple of questions...
i got 2 rims in mind, both 16x7.5 , but the offset is that one is 25mm and the other is 35mm. the rims with an offset 25mm comes with 57.1 hubrings...the other ones just come as it is. now im looking to have a flushed look with rims/tires and the body or even have them sticking out a bit keep in mind car will be lowered 1 1/2.... would these rims fit no problem, and what tire size would work?
For ET25 wheels: 15mm front spacers, 20mm rear spacers, 195/45/16 tires all around.

For ET35 wheels: 25mm front spacers, 30mm rear spacers, 195/45/16 tires all around.

If you want flush without spacers, neither setup will work.
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