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14 Hour Paint Correction: 2001 BMW 540i

2001 BMW 540i

This car was purchased about two weeks prior to this detail. The owner was considering a repaint, but he saw how much of an improvement I could make based upon my threads I posted here.

To say that this car was hammered would be an understatement. It seemed as though it had been washed by the previous owner with a brillo pad and dawn. There was zero wax protection and about two-dozen tree sap deposits.

Wash & Clay

Bodypro Shampoo Gel
Home Depot GS
Riccardo Clay
ONR Clay Lubricant

Paint Correction

Dewalt DW849
Menzerna PG on PFW
Menzerna IP on White
Menzerna FP on White


Swissvax Saphir applied by bare hand

Before Pictures

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