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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
e30 questions. I'm gonna number the questions, if you have an answer, please try to put the number so i know which question you are answering.

1) My car has an armrest, but the top of it is all cracked. I may re-cover it with leather myself, but can i find used armrests in good shape? (just the pillow, assembly is fine)
2) Brake lining light is on, its my understanding that this is either frayed line, bad sensor, or brake pads are low (checked pads, they're fine) Could it be anything else?
3) ABS doesn't work. Speed sensor, what else could it be? I understand that the speed sensor can be a bitch if its rusted, there's no rust on the car though, so this should be relatively easy (right?)
4) The motor is not running perfect since i overheated it. I dont know that i did damage to it, however, i dont know that i didn't. Every once in a while, above 4500RPM, it lets out a squeal, kindof sounds like a belt squeal. Any ideas?
4B) It doesn't look like there's any oil in the coolant/coolant in the oil. Is there any other sure fire way of checking that there's no HG issues (i dont want to spend 150$ sending my coolant to a lab)
4C) What else could overheating the motor do? I'm told the block on the iX's is cast iron, so its pretty unlikely that the block got damaged on a brief overheat. Head could be completly ****ed, right? If the car passes a compression test well, does this rule out needing to replace the head?
4D) If i am replacing the head, what should i do for a little more power? 272 cam, what else? I'd love to get the motor to rev to about 7000, so i could put 4.10 front and rear diffs in, i know rocker arms are an issue on the m20's. What else needs to be done? (has to be practical, i'm not interested in a 3K head build)
4E) The car has 19lb injectors and a m30 maf right now, and is running a stock 173 ecu. I found a used MarkD chip for the 173 ECU in the states for dirt cheap, its the 91 octane one. Is this worth it? I love the idea of running 87 on the winter car, however, if its absolutely worth it to chip the car, i'll pay the higher gas prices
4F) Any other motor suggestions? I know m20 heads aren't too pricey, and i dont mind replacing mine if i warped it, but i want to know i'm doing the right thing. Any ideas are appreciated
5) Where do i get the grease for the driveshafts on a ix?
6) Where does the washer fluid reservoir go on e30's? Mine's missing (lines in the hood are there, just no actual washer fluid res)
7) Is there any way to remove the angel eyes from depo e30 headlights with ae's?
8) Long tube headers are supposedly a good idea on m20's, will cheapie ebay ones fit on a iX?
9) The car's check engine light isn't on when the car is running, but when i did the kick test, it spat out some sequence of number (dont know what). Does this mean it has a CEL?
10) Why does the manual sunroof trim peice (plastic) get stuck and bend to allow the knob to rotate?
11) Do the rear windows actually not open?
12) Talk to me about steering wheels. Budget, about 150$, and for that much i'll probably get a 320MM momo.
13) Is there a non-smoker centre tray trim peice?
14) How hard is it to wire up a remote start on e30's? I know the remote open/close is rediculously easy in the trunk.
15) passenger side seatbelt doesn't return all the way, do i need to replace the spring?

parts i need:
-The arm that holds the hood open
-Washer fluid assembly
-Driver side dome light mirror
1. They usually go for 50-100 on r3v
2. Could be low pads, or bad circuit, or the person did the brakes and didn't change the sensors
3. Most likely the speed sensor, could be the ABS computer. (Under the dash, driver side, remove the kick panel, big orange thing)
4D. 272 cam, mark d chip, change out the rockers for new stockers and headers.
5. no clue
6. Passenger side, behind the headlight
7. Yep
11. If it's a 4 door, then yea they do haha, 2 door the have to have the hinges and latches, depends on if the car came with them or not.
12. Momo Monte Carlo 320mm with adaptor or MTech I
13. Gauge panel, bav auto or turnermotorsports, other then that, no.
14. Remote start, it doesn't have a clutch starter switch so if you accidently press it, you're cars movin. Remote locks, REC-45 ebay it, 30$ shipped and you have remote locks, I have it, works like a charm.
15. Get the assembly from a parts car, it's easier.
17. Yea you can remove it, but it's easier just to mask it off, because sometimes it likes to come off and not go back on easily.

And for the A/C Check if the pump is seized, chances are it is, reach down with the engine off and try and turn the outside of it closest to the pump by hand, if its super hard, it's ****ed.

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