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Originally Posted by mpower1226 View Post
ok, first of all, if you are new to detailing, do not ever try to use rotary buffer(any kind of sander or whatever unless it is DUAL ACTION polisher like PC). You will, I cannot emphasize this enough, burn through the paint.

and no, every manufacteror of the pads use different color for different purpose. so when someone says use orange pad, it could mean a million thiings. CHECK what you would need first.

and HELL NO, YOU NEVER EVER START FROM THE MOST AGGRASIVE abbrasive. YOU START WITH THE LEAST AGGRASIVE PAD AND matching least aggrasive agent. If it does not work, you go up one level of agent, then one level higher pad. This is so that you could perserve the clearcoats. Once the paint defect has been fixed, you now step down the least abbrasive agent to polish out the scratches that are left behind by the previous steps. finishing pads and finishing agents are needed here.

These are multiple step procedures, hence why good detailers charge what they charge.

Sealents and Wax have their own disadvantages and advantages. It all comes down to personal preferences.

Meguires scractch x is usefull to remove the finer scratches that are left behind by more abbrasive agents. Also, when using one, use little by little but more often. This is because scratch X is a diminishing agent.
i would like to also stress the use of a buffer by someone who doesent kno what they are doing. i have seen it happen it can be verry damaging. as for the scratch x like mpower stated it's a diminishing agent. meguires does have a polish and a cutting compound but the best stuff you can probobly buy is farclea g3 and g10 but this is what 80%of the profesionals use and it works quite well. as for a wax if your looking for something to give your car that shine factor for a decent price meguires gold class wax is awesome i waxed a client audi and i got amazing reflections, also meguires gold class wash ftw u
if you want to see some nice detailed cars with a coat of meguires gold class take a look at my facebook album. all the pics of the cars are wearing meguires gold class products
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